Welcome to the Lanchester Group...

The Lanchester Group is made up of five companies under common ownership and complementing each other in their uses, aims and objectives.
As a group, one of our driving forces is our passion to be Carbon Minus which we hope to have accomplished by mid-2013.
We’re expanding constantly and incorporating into our businesses the latest in technology and innovation. In our 33rd year of business, it is as important to us as ever to provide excellent service to the individual customer as well as to some of the UK’s largest retailers.

Lanchester Wine Cellars Ltd is now in its 33rd year of trading. Each year has brought with it demands and challenges… Read more »
Lanchester Gifts is a major drop ship supplier including internet based ones. We make up the gifts, package and deliver to home addresses in the UK… Read more »
Here at Greencroft we specialise in bottling Wines & Spirits. We bottle a wide range of still wines from around the world… Read more »
Lanchester Energy Ltd is our north-east based company aimed at developing local renewable energy sources beginning with the Lanchester Group's own wind turbines.
Lanchester Wine Sales deals exclusively with bulk wine orders, supplying some of the UK's major high street retailers and supermarkets.