About Us

A number of businesses make up the Lanchester group of companies, each spanning different areas of expertise within the UK wine sector and its supporting industries. Each business within the portfolio compliments the others to provide a vineyard to table, wine service. Our first business, Lanchester Wine Cellars Ltd (trading as Lanchester Wines) was established in 1980 and to this day each of our businesses remain 100% family owned.

We have eight sites across the UK spanning the North East, Yorkshire, and London, including over 1milliom ft2 of bonded warehouse capacity.

We believe that every business has a duty of care to minimise its effect on the environment. As such, the Lanchester Group has invested over £10m in the production of renewable energy for our sites. Read more about our sustainability efforts here. 

We’re expanding constantly and incorporating into our businesses the latest in technology and innovation. It is as important to us as ever to provide excellent service to the individual customer as well as to some of the UK’s largest retailers. Our aim is to consistently over-deliver on quality.