Greencroft Bottling

Greencroft Bottling is one of the largest contract wine bottlers in the UK, working with some of the world’s leading wine companies. We pride ourselves on our outstanding quality and attention to detail.

Continuous investment in our filling lines has given us the capability to fill up to 95,000 bottles, boxes and cans of wine per hour, which is equal to around 200 million litres per year.

To support the growth of Greencroft Bottling, we are building a new facility which will be powered entirely by renewable wind and solar power, all generated on-site. To follow the development of Greencroft Two, please click here.

Eight lines enable Greencroft Bottling to pack a range of products in a variety of formats including:

Glass: 18.7cl, 37.5cl, 50cl, 70cl, 75cl, 1l, 1.5l

Cans: 187ml, 200ml and 250ml slimline (wine and RTDs, both still and carbonated)

PET: 18.7cl, 75cl, 1l

Bag-in-box: 2.25 litre, 3 litre and 18 litre

Pouches: 1.5 litre and 2.25 litre

We are home to the UK’s first large-scale wine canning line which has a filler speed of 17,000 cans per hour, x21 valves and a three-head Ferrum Seamer, capable of filling still and sparkling wine, and RTDs. We can fill 187ml, 200ml and 250ml slimline can formats. Find out more here

The quality of our finished product needs to be of the highest possible standard, a task our QA team works hard to achieve and maintain. Our onsite lab uses three Foss Winescan machines to analyse wine at various stages during the wine handling process. The machines measure levels of SO2, sugar, preservatives, acidity, colour, ABV, clarity and PH. To learn more about Greencroft Bottling’s process, please click here.

Being a sustainable business is very important to us and our customers. We are predominantly powered by renewable wind energy generated on-site from our own wind turbines and solar array.  The bottles we fill are made from partly recycled glass and through our partners we recycle our waste and surplus packaging materials including plastic, cardboard, label reels, caps and glass.

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