Lanchester group headquarters

Lanchester group headquarters

Started in 2000, Lanchester Properties was the second company in the Lanchester Group, set up to manage our 440,000 sq ft industrial site.

Properties owns the whole site, renting units to both our companies and other local businesses, as well as providing 24 hour manned security and the upkeep of the site.

In 2012 Properties invested £4.5 million in three new wind turbines, which now provide the vast majority of electrical power for our site, with any surplus fed into the National Grid.

Run by Veronica Cleary, Lanchester Properties is constantly investing in our site & facilities, recently providing staff parking and acquiring the land behind us to accommodate futher expansion.

Our owl logo is inspired by the numerous owls of various species that have frequented the site during expansions. We have recently installed owl boxes to help protect these beautiful birds and keep as much greenery on our site as possible.